v1.3 10.06.2023 (published by Lucas Zaehringer )

About PositiveBlockchain

PositiveBlockchain.io is the open database, media platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. We like to call us Blockchain Positivists :)

PositiveBlockchain lists startups and projects from corporates, public or non-profit organizations using blockchain and decentralized technologies as tools to create a positive impact and solve social or environmental issues. What all PB projects share in common is the aim to positively impact people’s life.

Project Inclusion criteria

The main database lists startups and projects actually developing or implementing blockchain solutions, NOT broader ecosystem players such as associations, networks, academies, consultants, NGOs..

Criteria for inclusion are:

Why this database?

We need more education and awareness - beyond the typical technology bubble - in order for web3 tools to get to mass adoption.

Maintaining a proper mapping of the ecosystem is benefitting all stakeholders interested to learn, discover, research, invest, build more blockchain solutions for good.

Our goal is to continue develop this as a cross-sector, cross-platforms, cross-region database. Some existing or growing project directories are focusing on sub-sets of PositiveBlockchain: ECOTA for web3 x carbon projects, ReFiDAO for projects in the ReFi space, etc.. We want to make sure to work in open data with such organisations. If you are one of them, fill out our Partner form.

Data collection

Projects are sourced either by PositiveBlockchain contributors, partners or submitted directly by Project Owners. Every submission or edit is verified and validated by an approved and trained member from PositiveBlockchain or key data contribution partners. Some of the partners include blockchain platforms, associations, universities.

In this context BlockchainforGood is our key partner, strongly involved with the collection, verification, cleaning of data. The French association is publishing the Blockchain for Sustainable Development report and is using the PositiveBlockchain database for its research work. BlockchainforGood also works on the report and other research with partners such as Caisse des Depots, Ecole Polytechnique, the Louis Bachelier Institute, BPI France or the Elyx Foundation.

New Database 2023

In 2023, we have implemented a new database system, improving workflows or managing project submissions/edits but also the way users can explore the database by simple search, filtering, and single project pages on the website.